Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Prologue of a story written by me


  (Prologue)   Suddenly...Dreadfully...She awakes from her slumber...What has happened?Something bad has happened . NO- nothing has happened.It was only the rooster,being as loud as it possibly can ,making her bed tremble.Leaves flutter past the window,up and away; down in the avenue a whole group of cows walk by like a lost puppy.It is chilly-summer is over-it is autumn    now-everything is ugly.The pigs run by falling side to side;two horses gallop along with their moms and dads.Their tail flies out in the wind . A white small dog with three legs barks in the front of the house.Its all over! What is ? Oh everything . Mother is talking to john and grandma in the hallway.  
     The face of the young boy ,John was cherry red , neither laughing not happy , though in his eyes was sadness.His hair was as brown as the Hudson river and apun it was the bright beaming lamp.His eyes were watery and red.John was like this because hes had a secret that his mom and grandma Gloria has found out,the secret was horrible.

    Right next to him is a old lady ,her face as bright red with anger.She is the 85 old lady that reminds me of my grandma up close she looked to be 90. She has dark brown eyes and satiny brown skin and stands tall up on her feet with her arms fully extended to her sides, as if ready to cry at the slightest sound.Its impossible to think that she is not heartbroken ….   


Friday, May 30, 2014

Breaking Barriers (mystory)

There are many unexpected things in life.In my  12 years of living I know as a fact that I’ve went through a lot of unexpected throughtout my life.One unexpected thing in my life was when i did  a round-off back-handspring.I had a lot of fear doing this tumble.My gymnastics teacher had a lot of confidents in me.I just needed the determination,and I need the courage from other.
             Almost everybody can do one its just your mind thinks you can’t.A round off back hand spring is pretty easy its just a round off and then a back handspring.I worked and worked for many years to go this task, it takes a lot of courage and determination to believe in yourself.
            My gymnastics teacher told me he was going to spot me first, so I ran and hurdle up in the air and did my round off than it was time for the backhandspring.I go too do it,and I did it!When I finished he said,’’why did I need his help?’’ I did it all by myself!I got a high five and he told me to do it again by myself,and I did it!Everyone was so proud of me,he knew I could have done it.
          Too this very day I still have my roundoff backhandspring and its so much fun to do and it comes so easy too me.I had the determination and I know have the commitment and excellence now.And now I have the confidence to do every tumble and I'm not afraid anymore all you need to succeed is the determination,courage,and excellence to do what you believe you can do.
               So,this is my unexpected expirience in my life.Im so glad I faced my fear it was all just built all inside my head.Now,I do my roundoff back-handspring and every time I succeed I think of my gymnastics teacher saying,’’I knew you could have done it.”

Let me go to the mall every friday!

Dear Madre,

       You are the best Madre any kid can ask for.I get all my prettiness from you.I love taking selfies with you in the car all the time,thats good cause I hate taking selfies with other people besides me.Thank you for taking you time to read this wonderful letter.I would like to propose the idea that I can be given the chance to go to the mall every Friday with my friends, with no adult but, the adult will always be somewhere in the mall.There are many reason why going to the mall every friday is a wise choice.First,going to the mall every friday will teach me responsibility,I need to be more social with people, and it will teach me to handle money.In conclusion thats all the reasons why I think I deserve to go to the mall every friday.
    First reason why I think I deserve to go to the mall, It will teach me responsibility.The way it will teach me responsibility is I will listen more to people, follow rules, and respect their property.When a adult tells me not to do something I won't do it.I will follow all rules at the mall. Last but not least I will respect all property,clothing,Couches,and People.
    Second reason why I think I should be able to go to the mall every friday is I need to be more social with people.What I mean by that is I think I should be able to hang out with friends more. You should be able to trust me because the people I hang out with always have their parents with them in the mall somewhere.
    The third reason why I think I deserve to go to the mall every Friday.Is it teaches me responsibility with money.I can learn not to spend the money on stupid little objects.I can use it for cloths, makeup, hair products, and last but not least… Starbucks.I only get Starbucks because you dont give me enough money to get Starbucks because I cant get anything else besides that.
    Next,you said I couldn't go because there are too many fights there.I totally understand that you don't want me to get hurt, but i can take care of myself and how do you know I will get involved into the fights.You also said that people steal.I understand people steal, however, you should be able to trust me,After saying that you said, that you don't want to drive me, or give me money.I understand you don't want to drive after work but you can drive me and have someone take us home after the mall closes, so you can relax without children in the house other than Ginger and you said you didn't want too give me money any more but you can give me $25 every other week,I can also work for the money,maybe do some chores around the house for $5 a day,so I can clean certain things a day and it can be a lot for only $5.Plus even know my room is never clean,I can clean it every Friday morning.I know my friends get kicked out , but I don't and I only hang out with the people that are good, mostly girls.Next, you said I start being fresh and you don't trust me.Well, maybe you should trust me in life and plus I deserve to be trusted and Im sorry I start being fresh you never let me hang out with people when I want too and it gets annoying personally.And I don't hang out with the wrong people,I hang out with my friends.Last but not least, you said No!I understand you said No but I deserve and work hard to be able by the end of the school week too hang out with my and be a kid again.I work so hard the entire week and you don't reward me.I always get my homework done and keep my grades up, so I think I deserve to have at least a little fun and be a kid again.
     In conclusion,that is all my reasons why I think I deserve too go too the mall every friday.My 3 reasons I had was,it will teach me responsibility,it will teach me too be more soacial with people, and it will teach me too respectful too objects and people.

Love your favorite daughter,

Michelle Leigh Abney

Ben Brewers Case

  Most people would feel silly wearing a band t-shirt,but not Ben Brewer.He thought he looked awesome.However,as soon as he stepped foot in the building,he got in trouble because no can wear band t-shirts to school.According to the teachers,band t-shirts caused disruption. Plus the rule states, no band t-shirts are to be worn during school hours.So, Ben Brewer did break the rule,when he wore the bs because the shirts did caused disruption.

     First,the band t-shirts caused disruption during class.The class was talking so much,she had to ask them to stop.Even though she got through the lesson her class knows once the bell rings its time for class.In fact in a different class a teacher had to do a mean glare at tim because tim was making mean faces at joe because of the shirts joe was wearing.In contrast,band t-shirts did   cause disruption during classes.

     Second,band t-shirts caused disruption between classes.Although,there was a fight in the hall it almost made a teacher late to his class.In fact,during luch bobby was singing and lisa told him to stop because he was bad at singing,but bobby didnt know that and got mad because he thought lisa did like his taste in music.However,aylassa got threatened and there were more than one fight in the hallway.

     Even though, Ben’s t-shirt wasn't the exact t-shirt that caused disruption,it was others but they still put a end to the t-shirts.Therefore, ben did violate the rule,when he wore his t-shirt to school and refused to turn it inside out.

Eleanor Roosevelt quote

As Eleanor Roosevelt said,”You must do the thing, you think you cannot do.”I’ve been living on this quote forever.This quote means that even though you can't do something you can always try and learn it.Too the meaning of the world it's different.Too the meaning of the world it means if you can't do something, you must at least try and don't ever give up.What Eleanor Roosevelt said is very important because a lot of people in life give up and in this quotes is perfect for that.Why give up when you never even really tried?

This quote can be related to me because, I'm a gymnast and have a bad knees so I can barely do anything But, I always try and never gave up.Right now I'm learning a roundoff back handspring.It's really hard for me because you have to use so much power in your legs and I can't do that. But I’ll always try my hardest.I try all the time and won't give up. Yes, sometimes I fall and get hurt but I just keep on working harder.

This quote can be related to the world because,everyday is a obstacle and if you just say I can't then how are you going to try new things.Everyday people think that they can't do something, but in the end they end up being able to do it.People always say ,” i can't do that,” but in the end they end up doing it perfectly. People all around the world should always try new things and if they don't succeed keep on trying.

As, I said above Eleanor Roosevelt said ,” you must do the thing, you think you cannot do.”There are a lot of different meanings too this quote. This quote is perfect to describe athletes because they always think they can't do something and when they try it, they do it perfectly. This quotes can explain a lot of people . And, when you stuck and want to give up. Think of what Eleanor Roosevelt once said,” You must do the thing, you think you cannot do.

Adolf Hitler/world war 2

World War 2

Why did he do it?    

There are many myths on why Adolf Hitler locked up and killed Jews.People say that he did because of revenge. People also wonder if one of his family members that he despised was a Jew. No one really knows besides the people that worked for him.

Aphrodite the Greek Goddess

The most beautiful goddess of  all is Aphrodite.She is the goddess of Love and beauty.Born from the foam of the sleep.Is married to Hephaestus.Her roman name is Venus.She was well known around Mount. Olympus.

Aphrodite is my favorite goddess because she is very beautiful and kind from the myths that I know.I would respect this god because i wouldnt want her to make me ugly for not respecting her.Her greatest strength is no fear her weakness is love.