Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Prologue of a story written by me


  (Prologue)   Suddenly...Dreadfully...She awakes from her slumber...What has happened?Something bad has happened . NO- nothing has happened.It was only the rooster,being as loud as it possibly can ,making her bed tremble.Leaves flutter past the window,up and away; down in the avenue a whole group of cows walk by like a lost puppy.It is chilly-summer is over-it is autumn    now-everything is ugly.The pigs run by falling side to side;two horses gallop along with their moms and dads.Their tail flies out in the wind . A white small dog with three legs barks in the front of the house.Its all over! What is ? Oh everything . Mother is talking to john and grandma in the hallway.  
     The face of the young boy ,John was cherry red , neither laughing not happy , though in his eyes was sadness.His hair was as brown as the Hudson river and apun it was the bright beaming lamp.His eyes were watery and red.John was like this because hes had a secret that his mom and grandma Gloria has found out,the secret was horrible.

    Right next to him is a old lady ,her face as bright red with anger.She is the 85 old lady that reminds me of my grandma up close she looked to be 90. She has dark brown eyes and satiny brown skin and stands tall up on her feet with her arms fully extended to her sides, as if ready to cry at the slightest sound.Its impossible to think that she is not heartbroken ….   


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